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The Route

Run2Paris Route

Follow the route from start to finish
London to Paris Map for Run2Paris Event
Step 1.


Teams will gather the night before to register and receive their safety briefing. A chance for everyone to get together and discuss tactics for the epic adventure ahead
Step 2.

Day 1 – Things get real

Teams will gather together alongside the iconic Wimbledon Tennis Club, the excitement will be palpable with the road stretching out ahead of the runners. Runner 1 takes the baton and we are underway.

For runners 2-5 it’s time to hit the road and head to the first change over, there is no rush, each leg is roughly a half marathon distance and runner 2 needs to be ready at the changeover point to take on the baton. Plenty of time to find a great local cafe or spend an hour exploring the local area. As the team head towards the coast, runner 3 and then 4 take over, by the time runner 5 is chewing up the miles the team head to the day 1 finish line where the everything is set up and waiting for your arrival. With a hot meal in your belly and perhaps an isotonic beer or two to keep you hydrated (for the non drivers) it is time to head to the ferry terminal for the first nights camping. Not under the stars but on the floor of the overnight ferry to France. Lux!
Step 3.

Day 2 – France

The teams start the day early as we disembark the Ferry and head to the startline of Day 2. There will be a little weariness but the route is short, fast and flat. It is time to motor but don't forget to look around, the route is stunning, past chataux, cafe's and fields. Each leg is roughly 10k so with our early start we will be at basecamp just after lunch. Your tent will be there waiting for you and a lovely afternoon nap.

Now there is a chance to put your feet up and relax for a few hours, dinner is in the beautiful village hall just a short walk away and with massage, a gentle yoga stretching session and some delicous local food you will be fit and raring to go on day 3.
Step 4.

Day 3 – The Queen Stage

The Queen Stage. Tough, long and stunning scenery. Reaching the campsite tonight will feel fantastic.
Step 5.

Day 4 – The Finish

The finish line is in sight, the final push. The team reunites at the Trocadero. You don’t come this far and finish alone. All 5 of you cover the last mile together, finishing under the Eiffel Tower. You have just Run2Paris. Imagine how that feels.

We have hired a local bar where we can celebrate our achievements but once you cross that finish line it is up to you.

Turn around and head back straight away or enjoy the sights and sounds of the French Capital for a couple of extra nights. You have a ticket for a return ferry from Dieppe to Newhaven booked for Monday morning but do let us know if you want to change this. Driving home is going to highlight just how far you have run.