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About Us

Run2Paris Mission

Two things brought Andy, Steve and Steve together. The first was events. Between them they have clocked up over 30 years of experience delivering some incredible events to tens of thousands of participants and raised millions of pounds for charities. But really they are three overgrown indie fan boys who love band music. A genuine 90’s indie star (in Japan at least), a dreamer and a wannabe. Can you guess who is who?

Over post-event drinks they started reminiscing about great gigs and amazing events. Conversation turned to a theory that while solo singers might be having their moment, the real power was in the band. So much more than the sum of their parts. One of us had an epiphany (who exactly thought of it first is lost in lore) running as a solo activity has had its moment, the real power is in the team. Bringing their own talents and experiences together, they began to seriously wonder where they could go and what they could achieve if they put their heads together in a new kind of team, running a new kind of team event. Run2Paris was born.

240 miles later...

Fuelled by a couple of beers and post event adrenaline they started to dream of how teams can achieve so much more than a set of individuals. Of course, there are some people who could probably just knock out 240 miles by themselves, over a weekend, they would get the write ups on the blogs and the admiration of a whole community but the longer, harder, faster solo stars have had their time. We all know the story of a lead guitarist with a bulging ego making a break for solo success and falling flat. They miss the chance.

But together, together we can achieve greatness. Together we can Run2Paris. A team relay, 5 people, half marathon each, everyday, for 4 days. A serious road trip with a running problem. Totally epic, totally achievable. The last mile together, finishing at the Eiffel Tower. That moment, when the band play that song, when you are there with your best friends, when it all comes together. That is what you remember. That is Run2Paris.


"The only pain we experienced was the bread"

Mo – Run2Paris 2022

"One of the best events I have ever taken part in, an unforgettable experience"

Nick - Run2Paris 2022